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The first meeting on Plasma Product Biotechnology, was held March 27th - March 30th, 1999 at Daydream Island Conference Centre, Queensland, Australia.

The first announcement attracted a large number of people and underlined the feeling we had at this time that such a meeting was really needed. The final programme was seen by all of the attendees as a major success.

The Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting focused on modern aspects of plasma fractionation technology and mainly in the areas of:

· Plasma product development
· Production and development of production technology
· Product safety
· Economics
· New products
· Regulatory issues

The people who participated were typically:

· Production managers
· Process development managers
· Scientists
· Regulatory affairs managers

Said the Chairman Jan Berglof; "It is felt by many that the time is right to bring together those people interested and active in the field. Technology and its development is an integral part in this strive for better products that we in the end of the day will provide the patients. It is our hope that this meeting will provide a setting that will promote intense exchange of results and ideas between all participants. In this way the meeting will make a difference."

The Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting was jointly sponsored by
CSL Ltd. and Amersham Pharmacia Biotech.