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Programme Sessions

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The sessions covered key issues along the road from discovery to
routine production, rather than specific plasma products, and was based on
papers submitted for oral and poster presentations.

Each main session was developed by the chairman based on the issues
participants consider most important for their work. This approach ensured that
PPB 2001 dealt with the topics that matter today. Special emphasis was also placed on poster presentations and informal discussions. There was ample
opportunity for participants to meet and exchange views outside of the confines of
the lecture room.

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In the evening of Monday May 14th our keynote speaker, Professor Juhani Leikola, gave a lecture entitled “Past, present and future directions in plasma protein biotechnology”.

The programme covered the following themes with invited chairmen as indicated.




Research and
novel technologies
Jan Over Sanquin Blood Supply
Foundation, The Netherlands
Development David Naveh Bayer Corp., USA
Clinical aspects Darryl Maher CSL Ltd., Australia
Albert Farrugia Therapeutic Goods Administration,
Manufacturing Johan Vandersande Baxter Healthcare Corp., USA
Safety considerations Bernard Horowitz New York, USA