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Plasma Product Biotechnology

The success of the inaugural Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting held on Daydream Island, Queensland, left no one in doubt that a follow-up meeting was highly desirable. For four days in March 1999, researchers, manufacturers, regulators and others with an active interest in plasma products enjoyed a unique forum plus splendid Australian hospitality. Informative presentations were mixed with lively discussions. Data and ideas changed hands. Fresh issues and new developments facing the plasma industry were aired in an open manner by people representing all aspects of the industry.

Read more in Downstream. at the web site of GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences. Read the meeting report in vol 30. Read many selected papers from the meeting in Downstream Vol. 31.

An interactive forum built around your interests and contributions

In May 2001, we met again, this time on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Once again, the focus was on creating a relevant, exciting forum to discuss the topics that you felt was most important today. The committee’s task was to build the event around the topics and presentations you proposed. You shaped the programme through your contributions and interaction with this web site.

PPB99 was held on Daydream Island on the east coast of Australia. PPB03 was held on the Caribbean island of Curacao and. PPB05 was held on the island of Crete.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we invite you to Plasma Product Biotechnology
Meeting 2007. PPB07 is to be held on the island of Elba outside the west coast of Italy.

The Plasma Product Biotechnology Meetings are jointly sponsored by

CSL Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

and GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB, Uppsala, Sweden.