Attendees of PPB09 - Welcome!

  We hope you enjoyed the PPB09 meeting and that you had a safe trip back from Menorca.


  In this copy of the program you will find links to the presentations. We will insert presentations as we receive authorisation from the authors to do so.
  Photo gallery  

You will find the group pictures here.
We took some pictures with our camera and we will place them here on this site for your enjoyment and download. Do you have any picture you wish to share. Send them to us and we will insert them.

  Received feedback  

We are now proud to present the result of the survey. We had 77 responses and we have donated € 770 to Médecins sans frontières.

If you wish to share your thoughts on the meeting, the program, the venue, the tours, etc, you are welcome to submit them. Feedback will be inserted here.

  Participant list  

Here is an updated participant list.