The Sixth
Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting (PPB09)
will be held at Insotel Club Punta Prima
Menorca, Spain

May 11th - 15th, 2009


Optional tours

Tasting Menorca
Parc de Albufera d´es Grau

Monday May 11th.
From Insotel at 09.00 the coach will pass via Mao towards Parc de S’Albufera d´es Grau. The lagoon, the park and the wetland are the nucleus of the Biosphere Reserve (declared by the UNESCO in 1993) and is an interesting place to visit. The walk starting from the little village of Es Grau and the stop at the north end of the park, Cap Favaritx, highlights the various habitats.

We will then travel towards the center of the island and visit Finca de Subaida, a dairy farm, where we will be able to taste the famous cheese of Menorca together with a glass of local wine. Return to Insotel will be by 14.00.

Cost: €50 per person, Min. no. of people; 15.

Binibèquer and Xoroi


Wednesday May 13th 
Depart hotel at 13.00. Visiting the white Moorish fishing village of Binibèquer to explore the labyrinthine streets. Further on at Cala en Porter, we will visit the Cova d’en Xoroi, a cave on the edge of an impressive cliff. This was the hide out of Xoroi, a Moor, who according to legend threw himself off the cliff rather than be captured. We will return to Insotel by 15.45.

Cost: €40 per person. Min. no. of people; 10.