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Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting (PPB07)
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May 8th - 12th, 2007

Pisa is more than a quick stop
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The town of Pisa is of Etruscan origin. In 179 B.C. it became a Roman colony and in 89 B.C. a Roman municipium. Pisa was an important naval base for the Romans. In the Middle Ages it was an important citta marinara, i.e. a port, just like Venice, Genoa and Amalfi. Each of these towns had both a merchant fleet and a navy, which controlled all the seas around Italy.

Pisa reached its greatest peak of splendour in the XI and XII centuries when it expanded its power over the islands of Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia. It was in this period that a new architectural style was born. Some wonderful buildings were erected, such as the Cathedral, with the contribution of great artists. One of these was Nicola Pisano, the greatest Italian Gothic sculptor, who started a school that influenced all the Italian sculpture of that period.

In 1284 Pisa was defeated by Genoa in the Battle of Meloria and so a period of decline began. Under the Florentine rule of Lorenzo il Magnifico, the town knew a new period of splendour. Wonderful buildings in the Renaissance style were erected and in 1472 the University was founded. In this university Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) taught Physics, thus starting an importan scientific tradition that still continues in Pisa today. At the end of the XIX century the town extended outside the boundary of the old town-walls.


There are several good hotels in the center of the city, all within walking distance between the Leaning Tower in the north end and the Railway station in the south end. It takes approximately 30 min to walk from one to the other.
The airport is just outside the city, only a few kilometers from the railway station.

Here are 4 hotels, that we can suggest.
Hotel Jolly Cavalieri, just opposite the railway station.
Royal Victoria, by the river
Hotel Leonardo, in the center
Grand Hotel Duomo, close to the Leaning Tower
My Hotels Galilei at the airport
you can find other hotels by exploring the links below.

Read more about Pisa

Citta di Pisa - Official town site, partly in English, with a great deal of information on the city; pictures, maps, museum listings, events and history.

Pisa Online - The city guide offers history, photo gallery and news about the Leaning Tower, as well as tourist information: hotels, restaurants, car rental, shopping.

Real Italy: Pisa - Basic tourist guide to the city: history, arts, nature. A list of hotels and restaurants.

Sietequi - Guide featuring interactive map, descriptions and photographs of the major buildings, and some restaurant listings.
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Here are some readings, which guides you walking through the city
"A recommended walk around Pisa" - by Gloria Cappelli on the web site About; Go Europe
and here is another article in sl@wtravel italy

More links to Elba and your participation

Join us in Pisa.