The Fifth
Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting (PPB07)
will be held at Hotel Hermitage-Biodola
Elba, Italy
May 8th - 12th, 2007
Organising Committee
Member Contact details Affiliation
Lise Lundh (Chairperson)

lise.lundh at

GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences, Sweden
Joseph Bertolini joseph.bertolini at CSL Limited, Australia
Neil Goss neil.goss at Further Options Ltd, Australia
Jan Berglof jan.berglof at JHB Consulting, Sweden


Keynote Speakers

The program of PPB07 started on Tuesday evening of May 8, 2007 with a
keynote address by Dr. Paolo Marcucci, President and CEO of Kedrion, Italy entitled
"Plasma Protein Products and Biotechnology: Facts and Ideas for New Issues and Developments"

A special Focus Lecture was given by Dr. Andrew Chang at PharmaNet, USA,
who will gave a talk entitled
"FDA’s Pharmaceutical Quality Initiatives: Opportunities and Challenges in the Plasma Fractionation Industry


Chair Persons

The program was centered around the following sessions with responsible chairperson as indicated.
Main Topic Chairperson Affiliation

Johan Vandersande/Po-Shing Wah

Baxter Bioscience, USA
New Approaches to Quality  Tim Hayes ProMetic BioTherapeutics Inc., USA
Pathogen and Prion Safety Hannelore Willkommen NewLab BioQuality AG, Germany
Clinical Studies Darryl Maher CSL Limited, Australia
Recombinant Plasma Proteins Joseph Bertolini CSL Limited, Australia
Innovations in Plasma Claudia Nardini Kedrion SpA, Italy