International Symposium
on Downstream Processing of Genetically Engineered
Antibodies and Related Molecules
Porto, Portugal
October 20 - 22, 2002





The first international symposium on downstream processing of genetically engineered antibodies and related molecules, GAb 2000, was held in Barcelona, Spain, in October 2000. About 140 scientists from around the world attended this event, which had a very high standard of presentations and a strict focus on the downstream processing of these molecules.

Encouraged by the response of participants, a second successful symposium, GAb 2002 was organized
at Le Meridien hotel, Park Atlantic in Porto, Portugal.

GAb 2002 covered:
  Humanized antibodies, antibody fragments, Fc and Fab fusion products, and GAb conjugates
   Technical approaches to GAb purification
   Modification of molecular structure and functionality of Gabs
   Regulatory and quality issues
   Structure and function of affinity ligands for GAbs

I enjoyed seeing you in Porto. It was another exciting, productive and enjoyable Symposium.

Joachim Walter
Programme Chairman