Sept 8-11, 2002
St. Petersburg



 Welcome to EBA'02

Expanded Bed Adsorption for the capture of biomolecules directly from unclarified feed stocks is becoming an established technology in downstream processing. The use of EBA has now proven successful in several applications at industrial scale due to increased yield, improved process economy and ease of operation.

The first international conference on EBA (EBA96) was held in Cambridge, UK, December 1996, the second (EBA98) in Napa Valley, CA, USA, June 1998, and the third (EBA2000) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany in May 2000. The fourth international conference was held in Florida, USA and includef experimental work, theoretical solutions, case studies from large-scale industrial applications covering different expression systems, improvements in hardware, and further guidelines for the future development and establishment of EBA in biopharmaceutical recovery.

Scientific Program

The program included invited and submitted lectures as well as poster presentations covering the following topics associated with EBA:

 Theory of EBA (bed stability and expansion characteristics, adsorption performance)
   Case studies
   Scale up of EBA
 Regeneration procedures
   Validation and regulatory issues
   Process technology